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Choose frame rate / interval. FPS - frames per second, the more frames per second you select the animation will be better quality, but also the size of the animation proportionally increased.
10fps / 100ms
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Video to Gif Converter

Video to Gif Converter, what is it? Do you spend a lot of time in social networks, chat rooms or on different forums? And maybe you run your blog or column in LiveJournal? Then you should know the feeling when you want to express your emotions or to find suitable smile and cant find anything. At such times, many of us call to memory our the favorite moment from the film or movie, which clearly convey our state. And many think, "Would not it be great to post this moment in your comment / post!". But then the question arises, how to do it, in what format, and whether it is possible to insert into the text. A lot of questions, and it seems that a lot of problems, but in reality everything could be solved very simply, using the format GIF. This format was devised for easy sharing between users, it is not only pictures but also various animations. On the Internet, there are a lot of databases with pictures and animations in the format GIF, many of them already are beaten up and it becomes boring and not interesting when you look at them. You do not want to repeat? Do you want to stand out and show your originality, to say that you are an advanced user of the Internet or blogger? Then create your own format GIF animation!

Convert Video to Gif animation

Convert Video to Gif animation with the help of our online converter! No need for downloading and installing additional free program, you can create a format GIF from the video file right here and now. All you need is your imagination and a video source. Follow a small step by step instructions, and our free program will do the rest for you, and you will be satisfied with the result.

Make your own animations from video

You want to surprise your native with funny movie with their participation? You only need a video in any format: mp4, avi, mov, etc.. And you get a funny animation format GIF from video, which you can easily send to friends and family. format GIF pictures do not take up much space, but in a gif animation can put a specific mini-movie, it will not sound and the timing of a few seconds. Make animations in format GIF to attract attention. Convert video to format GIF. Be original, make your own animations from video.

To make a gif animations from pictures or frames you can use free program online service ToolsOn.Net

Last updated on Friday, August 14, 2020